Beautiful Growing Spaces

Whether you’re looking to grow a full scale garden, a few planters, or a simple flower bed, our hardware kits make it easier than ever to create beautiful growing spaces. Our kits eliminate the traditional wood corner posts where 95% of all raised garden failures occur. Instead, we've replaced it with a heavy duty steel bracket and have combined it with bolted construction for ultimate strength and longevity. This also allows you to easily remove/replace boards as needed, or disassemble it and and set it up at a new location years down the road.

Our kits are hardware kits, which means that they don’t include any wood. This allows you to make your garden ANY size! We’ve designed our brackets to use a standard size of lumber - the 2x6 - which you can find at any lumber yard, most of which have cutting services available to you if you do not have the means. Leaving the wood selection in your hands allows you to choose a species that suits your budget and aesthetic requirements. 

Whatever your landscape or garden design, Lifted Earth can transform any space into a beautiful growing space!