Passionate, ambitious, and wildly creative, Ryan Mark started Lifted Earth in 2015 after failing to find anything that would meet his requirements for a simple, attractive, and versatile hardware system for creating custom planters. From the initial idea and making a prototype to sourcing a factory for production, Ryan's unique skillset gave him an ability to design and create an attractive and versatile hardware system that can't be found anywhere else. His focus on quality, attention to detail, and eye for style is found in every product he designs.

Aside from being the 'creative technologist' of Lifted Earth, Ryan Mark also takes care of the daily tasks behind the scenes - replying to emails, running the online store, shipping out orders, and growing his own garden. He's designed and built a vertical garden at the warehouse on the side of a shipping container that has grown everything from carrots and beets to peas and beans and even corn on the cob. This year he plans to expand the garden with the addition of another garden on the rooftop at the warehouse.

Admittedly, the Lifted Earth online store is no where close to his vision for what it could be. Ryan's creative ambition to release new products is currently hindered by his financial ability to bring every idea he has to life. Contrary to inspirational shows such as Shark Tank and Dragon's Den which suggest companies need to scale rapidly with massive loans or the help of investors, he's learning that it's fine to grow slowly. He's pressing pause on the good ideas to focus on and develop only the best.

One of his latest product ideas that is waiting to get off the ground is a highly versatile and attractive vertical garden system, inspired by the prototype at the warehouse. This design has been a few years in developing and is finally ready for production pending financing. He's also been at work on a new line of premium hardware for transforming even more outdoor spaces, which he hopes will be launching soon. In the meantime, be sure to follow along on the IG page or 'stay connected' on the left.