Spring Adventures!

  • By Ryan Janzen

Spring Adventures!

After countless hours of prep (100+ in last week alone), day 1 of our 'pop-up shop' tour started today! We left Saskatoon in our freshly branded truck, headed for the west coast. Although we are starting our journey exhausted from all the prep, we are equally as excited to start this adventure.  

Grown from prairie soil, the first view of any significant hill is always a welcomed sight for us. It was no surprise then that our first sight of mountains resulted in an audible 'Mountains!' 

Even though our truck is less than luxurious- its smells and sounds remind me of the school bus I rode growing up- we are still looking forward to our scenic drive tomorrow through the Rockies and down into the lower mainland. Despite being 16 years old, this is the truck's maiden voyage for us, and hoping a name for her will reveal itself shortly. 


Ryan + Johnna

Lifted Earth Garden Supply Co. 

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