Over the past year we've been hard at work designing the most versatile bracket system to forever revolutionize the way you can create custom sized garden boxes, planters, and flower beds.

This new system allows you to stack one bracket on top of another bracket, using the integrated spike as the connector! This patent pending system allows you to create planters in incremental heights of 11", offering even more versatility for your landscape design. You can now create tall planters to accent your patio, garden boxes at a comfortable sitting or standing height, and beautiful tiered flower beds to adorn your front lawn. 

We've also added 'spikeless' bracket options (brackets with a flat bottom) for even more versatility, allowing for 'hard surface' installations such as concrete balconies, decks, and patios. Modernize your balcony space by creating the perfect size planter, rather than that eyesore of mismatched pots and containers currently claiming your entire balcony.

Not sure where to start? Click HERE for some design inspiration for this amazing new system.


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